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The Quality Payment Program (QPP) provides opportunities for developers to build software that integrates directly with CMS applications and data. This will be a long-term, iterative process in which developer participation and feedback will be essential.


Developer Preview: QPP Submissions API

When you report data via the APIs, CMS will provide immediate, clear, and actionable feedback. By providing immediate feedback, the APIs enable customers to be confident that they reported their data successfully. The APIs will also return the preliminary composite score for your submission.

CMS is inviting developers to provide feedback on the new Submissions API for the purpose of improved development. From July 2017 through November 2017, participants in the Developer Preview can build integrations with their software to test submission and scoring of Quality Payment Program (QPP) performance data via API.

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QPP Measures Data Repository

Import measures data into your own codebase. The complete list of Advancing Care Information (ACI), Improvement Activities (IA), and quality measures for the QPP Transition Year (2017) is available.

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Need Help?

There is a Google Group where developers can interact with one another to ask questions, find answers, leave feedback and share experiences using these APIs. Developers who are unable to find answers using the Google Group, or who have questions related to policy, should contact the QPP Service Center.

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Introduction to Developer Tools

A Guide to QPP Submission Methods

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