Developer Tools
Developer tools for the Quality Payment Program allow industry developers who build software for participating clinicians to integrate their software directly with CMS applications and data.

Available Tools

The following tools are available:

  • Submissions Application Programming Interface (API)
  • Measures, Activities, and Benchmarks Repository
  • Submissions Schemas
  • QRDA III Conversion Tool Open Source Package

Submissions Application Programming Interface (API)

When you report data via the API, CMS will provide immediate, clear, and actionable feedback. By providing immediate feedback, the API enables customers to be confident that they reported their data successfully. The API will also return the preliminary composite score for your submission.

View the API documentation

Measures, Activities, and Benchmarks Repository

Easily import Quality Payment Program measures and benchmarks into your codebase as a node package. Includes all Promoting Interoperability (formerly Advancing Care Information), Quality measures, Improvement Activities, as well as historical benchmarks for the 2017 performance year.

View the Repository

Submissions Schemas

Easily import the Quality Payment Program submissions schemas as a node package. Includes both XML and JSON schema definitions.

View the schema definitions

QRDA III Conversion Tool Open Source Package

CMS has released an open source tool for converting QRDA III files to QPP JSON for submission to the Quality Payment Program. Using this tool, developers can test their ability to create a QRDA III file that can be successfully converted to the QPP JSON format used by the Quality Payment Program.

You can use this tool to convert your QRDA III files to QPP JSON files before you submit them.

View the Conversion Tool

CMS Web Interface

The CMS Web Interface is a data submission mechanism for Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) and groups of 25 or more clinicians to report quality data to the Quality Payment Program. The CMS Web Interface Application Programming Interface (API) allows ACOs and groups to programmatically enter submissions data from their EHR system. CMS generates a sample of beneficiaries for each of the quality measures that are pre-populated in the CMS Web Interface. ACOs and groups report data on the sample of beneficiaries. Once data is reported via the CMS Web Interface API, CMS will provide immediate, succinct, and actionable feedback.

View the CMS WI API Narrative Documentation
View the Developer Group for CMS Web Interface

Need Help?

There is a Google Group where developers can interact with one another to ask questions, find answers, leave feedback and share experiences using these tools. Developers who are unable to find answers using the Google Group, or who have questions related to policy, should contact the Quality Payment Program Service Center.

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